Are we there yet? (Citation from UCHRONIA)

Video on monitor 
7:17 minutes, pro res, sound, colour, found stones (variable) 

Cast: Elisabeth Helene Simon, Michael Lewitscharoff
Director & Editor: Azin Feizabadi
Director of photography: Carlos Andres Lopez
Music composition: Amen Feizabadi
Kamancheh performance: Saba Alizdaeh
Research: Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze 
Produced by Amerikafilm (Maximilian Haslberger)

Wide, close and extreme-close-up shots of graves and graveyards. The sound, musically composed noises of the persian bow instrument, the Kamancheh. The composition suggests a dialog, the camera a (or multiple) subjective perspective(s) searching for something undefined. This video was orginally shot and assembled as the prologue for the film UCHRONIA.

Watch the video here

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