Casting (Citation from UCHRONIA)

2:57 minutes, pro res, sound, colour

The main cast of the film UCHRONIA who embody the role of the Dark Matter alien Majnun, are non-actors (people acting in films who have no previous professional acting training). All of the three lead actors have had experience of migration in their actual lives, in different ways. Their real identities, habits, day-to-day lives and biographies flowed into to the fictional story of the film.

Over the course of more than a year prior to shooting, I spent a lot of time with my actors on multiple occasions and in diverse contexts, preparing  them and myself for the collaboration on the set. These encounters –Castings or Acting Workshops– were recorded and documented for the script writing process.

The video Casting contains footages from one of the workshops with Bashir Abou Ezzah. It is a sketch, a moving-image mood-board to establish the style of some of the scenes for the film UCHRONIA. –UCHRONIA directors notes

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