Chronicles from Majnun until Layla

Installation, LP player, headphone, overhead projector, architectural models, transparent foils
Variable dimensions
2012 - 2014

The work consists of architectural designs, models, maps and mockups regarding the “Museum of Modern Iranian History.” Historical chronologies of this fictitious but possible museum are based on a third-grade Iranian high-school textbook entitled Contemporary History of Iran (published by Education Ministry of I.R. Iran). The architectural system of the building on the other hand is inspired by the style of Persian miniature paintings.

The sound fleshes out the literary and imaginary personae of the characters Layla and Majnun: identities adapted from various classical and popular Middle Eastern love tales. A dialog between a man and a woman (lovers) who appear as themselves and as Layla and Majnun. They walk through the museum, they engage in dialogues about stories, memories, rages, desires and dreams that they share individually and collectively, in reality and in fiction.

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