Felix, what will remain after all this?

Installation, sound (14’ min, loop), posters (A1), booklets, hanging wall, 2010
Produced in occasion of the exhibition project Gruppenbild (Group picture) at the n.b.k. (Berlin)

Curated by Sophie Goltz & Kathrin Becker

‘Gruppenbild’ was a five part solo exhibition series (2010-2011) in the Showroom at n.b.k (Berlin). Each artist was commissioned by the curators to intervene, vary and add new elements to the previous exhibition "to create a collective conceptual image".

How does an event affects the event that follows? Felix became here the alter ego of ‘Gruppenbild’: fragments from the discussions between curators and artists were combined in a sound letter with references to a number of historical moments of resistance against various government systems. The question “What will remain after all this?” is directed here to radical, political-aesthetic life worlds. What remains when an artwork becomes a memory for the viewer, what remains in the individual after the experience of a shared struggle?

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, commented on this point in an interview with Robert Storr (1995): “I think more than anything else I’’m just an extension of certain practices, minimalism or conceptualism, that I am developing areas I think were not totally dealt with. I don’’t like this idea of having to undermine your ancestors, of ridiculing them, and making less out of them. I think we’’re part of a historical process and I think that this attitude that you have to murder your father in order to start something new is bullshit.”

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