I see unclear images which may sometimes mean more to you than to me

Installation, wood/wallboard, 220 × 200 × 70 cm, video loop, text, sound, 2008 Produced in occasion of the exhibition: "Katastrophenalaram“ at NGBK Berlin
In collaboration with Kianoosh Vahabi

The city of Tehran is threatened by an earthquake. No one can predict when and how this natural event will strike; similarly, it seems impossible to ascertain why. As a consequence, urban society lives with an apocalyptic mood concerning existential and urgent questions about the future in which various events are interpreted as portents of catastrophe. In this context the daily TV news becomes a mantic space, in which image, text and sound are comparable to various methods of divining the future. Feizabadi and Vahabi focus in their analysis of everyday life on the individual sentiments of the local populace, along with the social structures of a city that finds itself in a constant state of emergency. In the process they examine examples of spaces from everyday life and spaces produced by the media, considering how these relate to each other.

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