NOW Taxispalais Iteration

Stone, dimensions variable
Slide projector, 30 dia-positives, loop

In his work NOW (TAXISPALAIS Iteration), Azin Feizabadi lets two stories of time clash: Every second, a slide projector projects the lettering “NOW” in light onto a stone. After thirty iterations, the slide carousal rattles back to the beginning and starts again. But the announcement “NOW” introduced by a loud click, “NOW” click, “NOW” click, can only project an illusion, for nothing is written in stone. The now comes and goes. As soon as we’ve read the lettering it again disappears

from the rock, which is presented here like a geological find in a museum of natural history. “Rocks are not nouns but verbs,” writes Marcia Bjornerud, “visible evidence of processes: a volcanic eruption, the accretion of a coral reef, the growth of a mountain belt.” Geological time also takes its course, but not one that braces itself for the future in the haste of the present to get rid of the past and in doing so fails to recognize the process of eternal becoming.
Nina Tabassomi
On the occasion of the group exhibition
STORIES OF TIME at Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol

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Photographs: Günter Kresser

آذین فیض آبادی