The Epic of the Lovers: Mafia, God & the Citizens

Two intermingled narratives melt into images to construct the story. The first consists of personal diary entries prior to and after the 2009 Iranian elections. The second narrative consists of a body of questions collected from Iranians and non-Iranians throughout June and July 2009. The diary starts with a personal fascination with a roleplaying game highly popular among Iranian youth, ‘Mafia, God, and the citizens’, that the author is about to turn into a film. It continues with reflections on the making of the film and the author's subjective and emotional reactions to the participation of citizens in silent protests, violence against the protesters, as well as the political elements, iconic images, and symbols emerging during this time.

Length: 27 Minutes
Screening Formats: Quicktim
Versions: English

Cast: Anonymous

Narrator: Ida Momennejad, Azin Feizabadi

Writer: Azin Feizabadi, Ida Momennejad
Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Azin Feizabadi

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