Drittwirkung von Grundrechten: Zwischen dem Rechtssubjekt 'Ich' (Natürliche Person) und dem Rechtssubjekt 'Ich' (Juristische Person) engl Third-Party Effect of Fundamental Rights: Between the legal entity 'I' (Natural Person) and the legal entity 'I' (Juristic Person)

Site-specific sound installation, 24 hours loop, 2013
Concept & text: Azin Feizabadi
Analysis & notation: Amen Feizabadi
Voice: Khodesh Kibud
Recording & Sound design: Yavuz Akbulut
Commissioned and produced by Maxim Gorki Theater
On the occasion of Berliner Herbstsalon (Nov. 2013)

The sound piece vocalises cut-up excerpts from the Fundamental Rights of the German Constitution. The spoken words follow the melody of the classic Version of »Azan« and thus an assimilation process, in which the contents had been adjusted to the form, and the text to the aesthetics. The result resonates five times a day, at the times of Islamic call for prayer; during the exhibition period of 'Berliner Herbstsalon' (8th – 17th Nov. 2013) it was played from the balcony of Palais am Festungsgraben. The harmony or disharmony between the two reference points opens up a wide range of associations which addresses recent debates on constitutional rights, legislation and demands for cultural multiplicity.

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