CRYPTOMNESIA narrates the author’s childhood memories about his Asylum-Odyssey through Europe: France, Austria, Belgium, Germany and maybe Poland too – lasting for seven months, or one month or maybe three months. The film depicts the trip of a young man named Reinoldus on a Sunday summer day through the West-German industrial city of Dortmund: Reinoldus in a club, Reinoldus at the central train station, and Reinoldus hanging out with friends at the lake. His immediate experiences match cut on the screen with multiple flashbacks with his past memories: when, how and why did he come to Dortmund? What was Dortmund back then, and what is it now? Who is Reinoldus?

Length: 73 Minutes
Screening Formats: Blu-Ray, ProRes Quicktime
Versions: German, English

Cast: Rusbeh Sarfaraz, Dorothee Neff, Illias Nikolaidis, Maik Banach aka DJ Emby, Alvin Ejiro Aggreh, Tommy Catalano, Abdelaziz Lahmar, Daniel Wechsler et al.

Narrator: Azin Feizabadi, Rusbeh Sarfaraz

Writer, Director, Editor: Azin Feizabadi
Director of Photography: Karsten Jäger
Additional Photography: Rusbeh Sarfaraz, Azin Feizabadi
Title Design: Maziyar Pahlevan
Musik: Modern Persian Speech Sounds / Omid Walizadeh (B|ta’arof Records) Homayoo Composition & Performance Amen Feizabadi
Production Manager: Daniel Pauls
Distribution: Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.

Commissioned and co-produced on the occasion of 25/25/25 by Kunststiftung NRW for Museum Ostwall Dortmund. Premiered on Sep.6th 2014 at U-Kino, Museum Ostwall in Dortmund U.

Screenings (selection):
RWE Kino, Museum Ostwall Dortmund, 2014
House of World Cultures, Berlin, 2015
Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, 2015
Vox Populi, Philadelphia, 2016
Ludlow38 Gallery, NYC, 2016
Bidoun Projects, Guggenheim NYC, 2016
Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, MMK Tower, 2018

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آذین فیض آبادی