Sculpture, 400 x 220 x 40 cm, Sound Collage (3:40min, loop), 2017
Commissioned & produced by Maxim Gorki Theater Berli
On the occasion of 3. Berliner Herbstsalon

A recent expert evaluation of the events that took place in July 2016 near the Olympia shopping centre in Munich states that 18-year-old David S.’s act was neither an Islamic terror attack nor an apolitical shooting spree, but rather motivated by his right-wing extremist views. This evaluation, however, rarely appears in the public perception mediated by the media. The motives behind the act, which took the lives of nine people, are only described in vague terms. Son of Iranian immigrants, David S. countered the dominant debate on the biographical, psychological and political causes for his actions with his own classification: »I am German«, he shouted to a local resident. Azin Feizabadai employs the shooter’s apparently clear self-categorization and gives a sculptural form to the classification of the unclassifiable. – by Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

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