A Collective Memory: A Process of Construction in Constant Deconstruction

At Salon for Aesthetic Experiments (House of World Cultures Berlin, October 2015)

With Marianna Liosi, Kaya Behkalam & Sami Khatib

In a choreographed and sometimes accidental setting, Azin Feizabadi examines the notions of ‘Translation’ and ‘Projection’ based on his film practice within the long-term project “A Collective Memory” (2009–ongoing). Marianna Liosi (researcher & curator, co-initiator of Regarding Spectatorship, Berlin), Kaya Behkalam (filmmaker & visual artist, Berlin/Cairo) and Sami Khatib (Walter Benjamin scholar, American University Beirut) will react toward this endeavour by taking it into other realms, projecting upon it, as well as deconstructing and reconstructing it. –press release HKW Berlin

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